Our mineral fibres have a L/D ratio up to 100:1 which provides a unique dimensional stability for a stronger coating structure


Stable performance up to 1000°C fire protective coatings using our mineral fibres will buy more time, ensure higher safety and reduce damages in case of fire


Made by 100% of stone, our inorganic mineral fibres are safe for human and environment, contributing a greener product for you

coatings, airport, building, glass, indoor, lapinus

Fire protective coatings

High performance fire protective coatings

Our mineral fibres are widely used in both hydrocarbon and cellulosic intumescent coatings. In case of fire they can:

- Provide a controlled char formation by reducing slumping and char cracks (also tubular)
- Improve char strength with longer lasting time by providing dimensional stability (mechanical and chemical reinforcement), reducing internal stress

coatings, woodstain, garden, wood decking, lapinus

Durable paints

More durable paints with ease of application

Durability and ease of application are two key elements for a high performance paint product, our mineral fibres help to:

- Improve mechanical strength (impact, abrasion, and scratch resistance) and aging resistance (weather and chemical-proof) by providing dimensional stability and reducing internal stress
- Improve method of application by reducing tendency to sag and giving possibility to applying thicker layers
- Improve dry film forming properties by increasing crack resistance and gap bridging