Innovative white mineral fibres

April 1, 2017

Dust emissions and comfort have been global challenges in the friction industry in recent years. Staying close to the global trends, we have been continuously dedicating to product and knowledge innovation for friction materials. 
Customers are facing the challenge of increasing friction level without affecting the wear and noise. RB27X family, the new mineral fibre chemistry with an off-white colour, has been developed to make a difference to help our customers to meet the challenge.

RB27X family is an engineered mineral fibre series especially designed for friction applications. Their new chemical composition enable softer interactions with the metallic disc, leading to reduced disc wear. Thanks to its specially designed fibre aspect ratio, the fibres help to promote third body layer formation and improve surface reinforcement for friction material. As a result, the disc wear and noise is reduced and the friction level stabilisation of the friction material is enhanced.

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How mineral fibres work

Braking is the result of a surface interaction between brake disc and friction material surfaces like a brake pad. The mechanisms taking place at this contact area are a combination of physical, thermomechanical and chemical phenomenoa. Kinetic energy has to be converted into heat, plastic deformations, chemical reactions and wear debris

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