Improve Quality of Life

By working together with global industries

Why Lapinus?

At Lapinus, we are dedicated to provide solutions that will enable everybody to improve the future. Within the global industry, we identify trends and challenges, driving the development of tomorrows’ products. 

Our contribution to a sustainable future


Ensure safety

All Lapinus products are made from natural stone.

They are safe for humans and the evironment.


Reduce noise

Car brakes that produce less noise and fences that reduce ambient noise

result in a healthier society.


Reduce fine dust emissions

Friction formulations reducing wear if car brakes

contribute to a reduction of fine dust emissions.


Water Management

Water management systems that actively regulate water

contribute to a resilient infrastructure and sustainable modern living.


Control vibrations

Rail tracks with reduced ground-borne virbations

have a positive influence on a comfortable living environment.


Disseminate knowledge

We generate knowledge and share it with our stakeholders

to help solve their challenges.