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Railway vibration control solutions for pleasant rail-side living

In urban areas, the noise and vibrations caused by passing trains, trams and metros can cause everything from discomfort to increased stress and sleeping problems. Studies by the World Health Organization show that when it comes to noise from railways, the most effective approach is to tackle the source of the problem. Rockdelta offers railway vibration control solutions that create pleasant rail-side living conditions and protect buildings near railways.

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Acoustic fences for a quiet and comfortable place to live

When people and businesses become close neighbors, noise pollution can become an issue. Whether it is a busy road, airco unit or loud people next door, noise can affect your quality of life, health and general well-being. Our specially developed Noistop acoustic fences combine effective noise reduction with a stylish and modern Scandinavian design. Our goal is to protect people from unwanted noise and create a quiet and comfortable place to live.

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