Lapinus for Gaskets

Thermal resistant mineral fibres for high performance sealing solutions

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Lapinus mineral fibre products are specially developed for gasket industry. With tailor made aspect ratio and high temperature resistance, mineral fibre products play a key role on increasing mechanical strength, improving compression set and creep resistance for gaskets applications. Our fibres are certified bio-soluble, which contributes to a sustainable solution for your end products.

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Heracron® Aramid Pulp

For excellent mechanical bonding and better processing of Gasket materials, we also offer Heracron® Aramid Pulp from Kolon Industries. Heracron® aramid fibres are high tenacity, high modulus fibrillated aramid fibres with excellent strength, thermal resistance and chemical resistance. They are creating a good mechanical bonding in the rubber matrix, keeping the fillers and short fibres together. It gives the gasket mix the indispensable cohesion and strength needed during calendar processing under high pressure and temperature conditions.

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