Enhance the safety
Lapinus Stone Fibres for Friction

Enhance the safety

At Lapinus, we offer premium quality stone fibres and strong technical support for the friction industry. We go beyond being raw material supplier by researching the functionalities of our products together with other materials in the friction matrix. Rise to global challenges for friction, our team has continuously driven innovation for better solutions together with our customers. Rooted in sustainability, our highly biosoluble products contribute to shaping a better world for today and tomorrow.

Global trends and challenges

of European citizens experience annoyance from road traffic noise
above 55 dB(A)

Up to
of non-exhaust traffic related PM10 emissions in urban environments is caused by brake wear

In 2030, the share of electric vehicles is expected to rise up to
of new-vehicle sales

Applications areas


Why stone fibre in friction materials

The performance of friction materials depends on the synergy between all raw materials. Our stone fibres contribute to the mechanical and tribological performance of brakes.

discpad wheel car


How do stone fibres work?

Our high temperature resistant stone fibres are providing the following main functionalities for friction applications.

Stone fibre main functionality

To better understand the working mechanism of our stone fibres, please read our friction brochure
Application Development Center
Application Development Center

Application Development Center

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Lapinus solutions for friction applications

Lapinus Stone Fibres
Lapinus Stone Fibres

Lapinus Stone Fibres

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Promaxon D Calcium Silicates

Promaxon D Calcium Silicates

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Why Lapinus?

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