Lapinus smart water management for urban areas with heavy flooding

Rockflow water management system buffers water in cases of extreme flooding in urban environments

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Rockflow is a water management system developed by Lapinus (a part of ROCKWOOL) that can quickly and effectively buffer large amounts of precipitation in urbanised areas. This innovative system is used under built-up areas, such as squares, roads, streets and industrial sites that suffer from severe flooding during heavy rainstorms. The system consists of thin (standard element 100 x 120 x 15 cm), light (less than 20 kg) ROCKWOOL elements that absorb the rainwater and then infiltrate it in a measured manner into the soil layer or drain it to the sewers. Lapinus is the first manufacturer to use and market ROCKWOOL elements as a water management system.

The Rockflow elements provide an optimal water balance during heavy rainfall.

Daan de Kubber

Marketing & Business Development Manager at Lapinus

Each Rockflow element has a daily throughput of 200 meters.


The void volume of ROCKWOOL elements adds up to 95% each.


1 m³ of Rockflow systems needs only 8-10 minutes to absorbe 950 liters of water

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Rockflow water management system under schoolsquare

Situated in the South of the Netherlands the village of Schimmert has experienced surface flooding regularly. With the heavy rainstorms, which seem to be much more frequent in recent years, the current sewer system cannot handle the sheer amount of water in such a short time.

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A major advantage of this system is that the infiltration surface is much larger than the regular crate systems or lava boxes that are often used to drain water to the soil in built-up areas. The system is open on all sides in order to infiltrate water to the subsoil. The bottom surface of the crate system or a lava box should not be counted as an infiltration surface, because this system silts up with dirt. The water that infiltrates from the Rockflow is filtered, clean rainwater, free from small clogging particles, resulting in more rainwater infiltrating faster into the substrate.

Marc van den Heuvel

hydrology consultant