Annual growth in precipitation shortfall during the last half century


Potential reduction in ambient temperature on summer days due to the shade of trees


Number of days that Rockflow can supply a tree with its optimum water requirements


High absorption capacity

Rockflow stone wool elements can absorb 95% of their volume in water and supply the green area with water for a longer period.



Because water remains available during dry periods, the number of watering occasions reduces, for both new and existing greenery.



Ideal for combining with existing rainwater drainage systems.



The stone wool elements can be adjusted easily, without loss of functionality during and after installation (without compromising on quality and performance), suitable for any landscaping.



Stone wool is a natural material (made from natural rock) which is produced sustainably by ROCKWOOL. Stone wool is 100% recyclable.

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Rockflow provides an innovative water management system around the roots of trees, in plant beds and on green roofs. The basis of the Rockflow system are sustainable stone wool elements with an extremely high capacity for water absorption and buffering. Rockflow stone wool elements have an available volume of 95%. This means that practically the entire volume of the elements is available for the collection of water. The water management system buffers and supplies water to the greenery. In this way, Rockflow ensures that trees and plants always have available water, even during a growth period or drought.