Main road disturbs neighbourhood serenity

In the mountainous area of Benahavis in Málaga, the peace and quiet of a residential area was disturbed by a busy mountain road. Residentson both sides were disturbed by the loud traffic of vehicles passing by.

The speed limit on the main road was 40-60 km/h depending on the direction. The biggest disturbance for residents, however, is that these speed regulations are partly not respected by f.e. cars and motorcycles passing by. Even though all the houses alongside the main road are situated 100-200 meters from the road, this high-speed traffic is bothersome to the people living in the area.  

To solve this noise challenge, a resident involved acousticians to calculate the most peaceful solution to this constant noise nuisance. The specifications for this project were a noise absorption of 5-10 dB, a low weight, a product lifetime of at least 20 years and lastly, a nice match with the surrounding green landscape. 

A perfect match

The fence installation was finished in April 2018. The choice fell on a 2 meter high Noistop Steel fence which meets the requirements with a sound absorption level of 8 dB. As the house is situated 100-200 meters from the road, this noise reduction level is a feasible solution for an effective noise dampening of the area.

Moreover, Noistop Steel is designed with the possibility of having climbing plants covering the fence –perfect for meeting the customer’s need of the noise fence blending in with the surrounding nature and greenery. With a product lifetime of at least 20 years, the Noistop fence ensures a calm and quiet atmosphere for the family to enjoy the mountainous area for years to come