Water management around the trees rootzone

Stone wool buffers rainwater for watering the roots during the growing season. The stone wool is used as a water buffer and a water supply. Installation depth is approx. 1.0 – 1.2 meter under a (new) tree or next to (existing) trees rootzone. The buffer can reduce the number of watering moments. And ensures that all water must be available for the tree.

What happens around the trees when it rains?
  1. Inlet of rainwater (+ ltration solid particles);
  2. Plastic pipe with coconut membrane prevents clogging of the pipe by the trees substrate;
  3. Water will be stored in the stone wool and buffer up to 95% of its volume;
  4. At saturation, water will go through the capillary break of 10 cm gravel into the surrounding soil (in ltration);
  5. Substrate of the tree (layer above the stone wool) approx. 100-120 cm thick absorbs the buffered water from the stone wool by capillary force and provides the tree with water;
  6. On the outside of the stone wool package a 30 cm high gravel layer or water-repellent membrane can be used to prevent in ltration on the sides.


Cost saving

Rockflow reduces watering moments during the first 3 years for young trees. It also reduces watering moments for trees <10 years during drought periodes. And by taking care of the (young) trees, it also reduces the replacement of dead trees.


Tree benefits

Trees have more water available during warm and drought periods. By being able to grow trees with higher water demands, biodiversity increases. And cities have an extended green season.



Rockflow is adaptable during installation and functional without critical overflow or sensors. Inspection and cleaning of the system is possible.



Rockflow is friendly to environment, reduces watering moments (CO2) and is a natural and fully circular product.

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Rutger van der Veld

Business Manager,
Urban climate adaptation