Stone wool has an absorption capacity of at least 95%. Almost its entire volume is available for the absorption of water.


Rockflow requires an installation depth of just 38 cm.


Rockflow's buffer capacity is fully available to collect new downpours after just 24 hours.

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How does Rockflow work?

Rockflow is an innovative water management system that buffers the rainfall from extreme showers quickly and effectively for it to be subsequently infiltrated into the soil or discharged to the sewer system.


High drainage and buffer capacity

Rockflow stone wool elements can absorb 95% of their volume in water in in a very short time. This means that almost the entire volume of the elements is available for the collection of water.


No loss of urban space

The basic material is stone wool, which has all the properties of stone. Vehicles can park on the system without the elements losing their shape or functionality. All urban functions therefore remain unaffected.



The structure of the stone wool elements filters any contamination out of the flowing water and can be purified with standard equipment if necessary.



The stone wool elements are easy to adapt, without loss of functionality during and after installation (without harming quality and performance), so that any pipes or other obstacles in the ground do not form any hindrance.



Stone wool is a natural material (made from natural rock) which is produced sustainably by ROCKWOOL. Stone wool is fully recyclable.

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Regulated underground rainwater collection and discharge after extreme rainfall.

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