The amount of rainfall is set to increase and become more frequent due to climate change. Climate adaptation is therefore high on the agenda for municipalities and other authorities. How do we prevent flooding and drought problems and ensure sustainable, climate-resistant solutions? Future-proof construction requires smart solutions in order to keep cities, regions and neighbourhoods habitable. The Rockflow team is happy to help with these solutions.

Rockflow is a water management system with stone wool elements. What if there's a downpour? Rockflow absorbs the water quickly and effectively, and then gradually infiltrates it into the soil or drains it into the sewer. With an absorption capacity of 95 percent, stone wool can absorb significantly more water than other infiltration materials, such as gravel or lava stone. Rockflow can be applied in virtually any place where flooding can occur. Under roads and streets, for example, but also under squares, parks and swales.

Future-oriented handling of water

They are becoming increasingly common: heavy downpours, but also periods of extreme drought. Climate change poses major challenges for municipalities, especially those in urban areas with a lot of hard surfaces. In the case of heavy downpours, so much rain falls over a short period that the sewer system cannot handle the quantities. As a result, streets can become flooded, and homes and buildings can suffer water damage. During dry periods, however, we are increasingly struggling with a shortage of water. In order to anticipate the future, we therefore need to handle rainwater intelligently.

How can Rockflow help here? This smart water management system solves local bottlenecks, for example by upgrading an existing swale with stone wool elements. The water channels can thereby become shallower without compromising the rainwater-buffering capacity. This creates a safer situation, and makes maintenance easier and cheaper.

But the effects of climate change are profound, and we are already seeing this. Ultimately, a sustainable total solution for a larger area is preferable. Rockflow also provides opportunities here. For example, Rockflow can be used as a line infiltration, replacing the traditional rainwater drainage pipe with a Rockflow buffer over the entire length of a road. The buffer collects the water, which is then slowly buffered to the soil or to the sewer or the surface water, depending on the applicable laws and regulations.

Practical example: Horst aan de Maas

Heat stress, extreme drought and heavy rain showers are current themes in the Limburg municipality of Horst aan de Maas. In order to prevent flooding in landfills, and strong heat and dehydration in the summer, the municipality decided to transform the urbanised area in the village centre into an open and green area. This project was carried out in an innovative construction team setting, in which the parties involved shared their knowledge and experience, and used these to redevelop the area. Together, they came up with a design for the green space of the area, in which Rockflow was used as a total solution to collect, hold and re-use rainwater in the planted areas.

Practical example: School playground in The Hague

Enough thought was not given to the outdoor area in an earlier renovation of a primary school in The Hague in 2004. The playground surface was sealed with traditional concrete tiles. In the summer, however, the playground quickly became too hot, because the sun heated up the tiles. And if it rained hard? This left standing water on the playground. It was recently decided to renovate the school playground, with de-stoning and greening as the dominant themes. As an addition to planted areas, Rockflow underground water storage was used. The capacity of 75 m3 is more than sufficient to store the water quickly during peak showers, and to then infiltrate it. In this way, the system contributes to better water management in the immediate vicinity.

Like to know more about other projects where Rockflow has been applied? Read through our case studies, and discover what Rockflow can do.

About Rockflow

As climate adaptation issues become increasingly complex, so does the diversity of solutions. Rockflow takes an active part in construction teams, and is happy to help you find a sustainable solution to your question. We can store, transport, infiltrate and re-use water. Like to know how Rockflow can be applied to your project? Ask us, we are happy to help!

Rockflow in practice