Circularity is not only an important issue from an environmental perspective, but also economically. The use of 100% circular stone wool elements as an infiltration buffer for rainwater makes a significant contribution here.

Although the use of absorbent stone wool is still relatively new in the field of water management, the material has been used (in a different form) for much longer. ROCKWOOL products, also made from stone wool, have been used for the insulation of buildings for decades. ROCKWOOL has had a stone wool recycling plant since 1992. Here, used stone wool elements and other residual flows from the building industry are converted into raw materials for new stone wool products.

Circular usage cycle

Rockflow stone wool elements consist of 50% recycled material. The remaining 50% is made of a natural material: basalt stone. In nature, stone wool is often found near volcanoes. There, the melted (basalt) stone is thrown around during eruptions and is then precipitated as a thin fibrous structure. This process is imitated for the production of Rockflow, using recycled basalt stone as a raw material, along with other materials. This is a raw material that is inexhaustible, because the earth (more than) replenishes the stock itself every year.

Easy recycling

The basis of the stone wool elements are abundant raw materials and upcycled secondary materials. Collection of the material can be carried out relatively easily, as stone wool products are easy to separate when a building is renovated or demolished. All these previously used stone wool products are fully recyclable.

Check if you are ready for the circular future

Circularity is more than just a trend word, it's a necessity for the future. Is your municipality also ready for the future with Rockflow? Check here whether the benefits of Rockflow are also suitable for your solution:

  • Basalt is an inexhaustible raw material: every year, the earth produces 38,000 times more of this volcanic rock than is used for the production of stone wool;
  • Rockflow products consist of up to 50% recycled materials;
  • Rockflow has a long service life;
  • The stone wool elements are fully recyclable without any loss of quality;
  • Stone wool products are easy to disassemble and separate.

Rockflow in practice