Rockflow, an underground water management system, has been successfully implemented in more than 100 projects. Rockflow is constructed of durable stone wool elements with a filtering effect. The design minimises the risk of contamination. Do you still want to be able to inspect or clean the system? This can easily be done with standard high-pressure equipment.

Rockflow is used to buffer rainwater and slowly release it into the soil. Thanks to the high absorption capacity of stone wool, much less material is needed to achieve the desired buffer volume than with traditional infiltration systems using, for example, gravel or lava stone. This often results in less excavation work and inconvenience. Rockflow can be used in virtually any place where flooding may occur. Under roads and streets, for example, but also under squares, parks or swales. Thanks to its high load-bearing capacity, Rockflow can also be used close to the surface.

The filtering effect of stone wool

Stone wool has been used successfully as an insulation material in buildings for at least eighty years. It is durable, non-combustible, versatile and long-lasting. With 95 percent of free space, stone wool is also well suited as infiltration material. In addition, the stone wool elements have a filtering effect. Large particles of street dirt that are washed away with the rain water remain outside, and cannot penetrate the stone wool. Smaller particles that do flush through the elements will also fall out at the bottom. This keeps the system robust and clean.

About Rockflow

Are you prepared for the challenges of the future? As climate adaptation issues become increasingly complex, so does the diversity of solutions. We can store, transport, infiltrate and re-use water. Rockflow takes an active part in construction teams, and is happy to help you find a sustainable solution to your question. We have already carried out more than 100 underground projects. Read through our case-studies for real-life examples. Curious about what we could do for you? If so, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

Inspection and cleaning

It may be desirable to inspect and clean the system. For example, if periodic inspection of an underground system is required by law. Good to know: Rockflow can easily be inspected using an endoscope or an inspection robot. Is the system unexpectedly contaminated? The channels can then be flushed through with standard sewer cleaning equipment. A standard cleaning unit with a nozzle provides a good cleaning action without damaging the stone wool.

Rockflow in practice