Rockdelta RX

Floating slab track solution

With ultra-low sensitivity to environmental factors, e.g. water, frost and acid rain, Rockdelta RX stone wool based anti-vibration mats exhibit outstanding efficiency and durability even after decades of operation under harsh climatic conditions. This has been verified, for instance, by an exhaustive Norwegian field study of the long-term functional performance of a track that had been vibration isolated in 1978 using stone wool based anti-vibration mats. - Also documented by the Technical University of Munich in approved test according to DIN 45673-7.

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Effective anti-vibration treatment with Rockdelta RX mats

The Rockdelta RX solution consists of a full-contact, sheet-type resilient stone wool based support system that introduces a durable and high-efficiency spring element into the track structure. This provides for a decoupling the dynamic behaviour of the concrete slab and the track system effectively from the ground. Armed with unique material characteristics, including very low levels of material damping and excellent, proven long-term functional performance, the Rockdelta RX solution significantly aids the attenuation of ground-borne vibrations stemming from any type of floating slab track system.


Selected Features Of A Rockdelta RX Solution

  • Excellent dynamic properties with inherent, first-rate volume compressibility
  • Outstanding performance under any climatic conditions
  • Exceptional life-span with virtually no change in functional performance
  • Maintenance free solution
  • Drainage built-in
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Fast and easy installation with no need for gluing
  • Fully documented specifications based upon exhaustive tests
  • Mats are easy to handle and easy to cut into desired size and shape
  • No functional performance changes at sub-zero temperatures
  • All products artificially aged to ensure outstanding long-term stability
  • Excellent references

Rockdelta RX Installation

Installation of a Rockdelta RX floating slab track solution is very quick and easy. The mats – with or without drainage grooves – are easy-to-handle and easy-to-cut. Cuts for pipes, signal boxes, switches and turnouts are easily done with a jig-saw. No gluing or welding is required.