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Vibration control solutions for pleasant rail-side living conditions

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The world is moving towards a future in which 80% of the population will be living in urban environments. That movement will ensure more rail traffic and, consequently, more vibrations and noise. In that future you can make a difference with Rockdelta. By using our stone wool mats as the ultimate and most sustainable vibration control solution to protect people and architecture in the railway surroundings. 


43 years of experience in rail vibration control and structure protection


Ground-borne vibration attenuation up to 40 dB


Reduce ground-borne vibration in a range from 16 up to 120 Hz

What we do: Natural solution for vibration control and structure protection

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Vibration control

Protecting people and buildings from harmful vibration

Rockdelta solves ground vibration problems by isolating ground-borne and structure-borne vibration from rail transport systems: Tramways, light rail systems, subways, metros, main lines and high-speed lines.

Attenuation of vibration is achieved by decoupling the track from the ground using Rockdelta as a resilient mat.

Tracks, Rockdelta, vibration, structure protection, stone wool, bridge, water, sea, lapinus

Structure protection

Protecting subgrade and bridge deck by reducing ballast attrition

Rockdelta mats also protect the track superstructures against dynamic forces and extend the life of the ballast stones by reducing attrition, thereby enhancing overall ballasted track performance while significantly reducing the maintenance costs.

Stone Wool Benefits -The power of stone wool

High performance and sustainable technology and project efficiency with low project costs


Vibro-acoustic capabilities

Reduce vibration and noise

Rockdelta stone wool mats utilize its vibro-acoustic capabilities to protect people and trackside buildings against unwanted vibrations and ground-borne noise.



Rockdelta stone wool mats offer long operational lifetime:

• Mechanical resilience: dimensional stability, creep & fatigue resistance
• Chemical resilience: ozone, acids & alkaline, oil & grease and corrosion
• Weather-proof: frost, heat load and UV


Thermal properties

Thermal insulation against frost heave and heat load

Rockdelta stone wool mats protect track super structure from frost heave:
Attenuate frost penetration to the track structure by thermal insulation



Natural product for a circular economy

• Rockdelta is made from stone, the most abundant natural raw material around the world.
• Does not pollute water or soil
• Safe for humans and the environment
• 100% recyclable, contributing to a circular economy


Efficient installation

Fast, easy, cost-effective

Rockdelta stone wool mats optimize project efficiency:
• Simplified formation leveling, no risk of malfunction through punctures
• Lightweight; easy to handle, no specialized workers required
• Easy to cut
• No glue or special tools needed
• Can be installed under any weather condition


Simple storage

Can be stored indoor or outdoor

Rockdelta stone wool mats offer easy storage:
• Mats are delivered on pallets
• Mats can be stored outdoor
• Insensitive to weather, cold, heat or UV
• Safe to store indoor, inside tunnels or close to buildings


Fire safety

Fire safe construction environment

Rockdelta stone wool mats offer a fire-safe construction environment:
• Mats are fire resilient and do not emit toxic smoke in case of fire
• Temperature resistance up to 1000 oC

Rail induced vibrations

Our solutions solve the issue of ground-borne vibrations 

Certified solutions

All Rockdelta products are produced to the highest standards:

Tracks, Rockdelta, vibration, structure protection, stone wool, lapinus

Tested according to DIN 45673 by accredited institutes

Tracks, Rockdelta, vibration, structure protection, stone wool, lapinus

Production process according to the highest standards
- ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant
- CEN standards EN 13162 and EN 13172

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