Noistop Steel

Effective and durable CE®-tested noise fences with a galvanized steel frame for climbing plants.

Fitting solution

The Noistop Steel fence was the first in a series of modular noise fences.

The galvanized steel frame makes the fence maintenance-free, and the acoustic stone wool core is covered with decorative green polythene netting.

The frame can serve as a trellis for climbing plants, enabling you to create a pleasant, colourful garden environment.

The slimline modules are available in different sizes, making it easy to fit them in between trees and bushes already in your garden.

The modules can be installed between wooden or steel posts, depending on the surroundings or the look you would like to achieve.

Add beautiful colours to your garden

The maintenance-free Noistop Steel fence helps you get creative and add a personal touch of colour to your surroundings.
Noistop Steel is available in up to five standard colours:

  • Steel (galvanized)
  • Moss green – RAL 6005
  • Anthracite grey – RAL 7016
  • Black – RAL 9005
  • White – RAL 9010

Minimum ordering quantity for Noistop Steel coloured version is 36 square metres.

 RAL 6005 RAL 7016 RAL 9005 RAL 9010



Acoustic fence made of steel, ROCKWOOL stone wool (core and acoustic material) and green PE netting.

Product Dimensions
Weight pr.
element (kg)
Elements per pallet
300601153,520 or 10
Technical Features
Insulation22dB according to EN 1793-2 (B2)
Absorption8dB according to EN 1793-1 (A3)
Decorative surfacePE Netting (Polythene)
Galvanization thickness70 mµ according to ISO 1461
Wind load testTested to maximum load 2.49 kN/m2 according to EN1794-1

Flexibility through different module sizes

The noise fence consists of different sized sections, which makes it easy for you to erect the fence yourself. The fence has a noise-absorbing core within a galvanized steel frame, which is a perfect trellis for climbing plants.

The following module sizes are available depending on the color/design:

Dimensions (LxHxW) per element

  • 100 x 100/090/045 x 11 cm
  • 200 x 100/090/060/045 x 11 cm 
  • 300 x 060/040 x 11 cm

With a depth of 11 cm, the modules can be mounted on e.g. 100 x 100 mm steel posts or larger. Installation is very straightforward: Just screw the modules onto the posts using the pre-drilled brackets.

Planting Suggestions

The shown plants below can be recommended in connection with the installation of a Noistop noise fence. You should of course consider the soil conditions, water availability, light as well as orientation (North/East/South/West) and maintenance.

We recommend that you contact a local gardener, who has knowledge about the local conditions.

Vines and climbing plants are increasingly popular in many gardens, and are very suitable for growing up a noise fence.

The plants can grow high up the fence and thus ensure a green covering, even in small gardens with limited space.

This is why noise fencing can help to create a sense of space – in addition to a quieter garden.