Vejle hospital - Noistop fence case

A noise solution for a hospital

A hospital next to a railway

Vejle Sygehus, a hospital situated in the town of Vejle in Southern Denmark, faced a noise challenge. The psychiatric department of Vejle Sygehus is situated right next to the railway tracks. The close proximity to the trains passing by meant that the noise was disturbing both the patients and the employees, who spend their days and nights at the hospital. 

In this case, there were not a lot of specific demands for the fence. The few demands from the customer were that the noise fence was of the usual standard, 230 meters long, with a height of 1,80 meters and a mass of 20 kg/m2. However, the main interest for the hospital was the need for an effective fence.

A noise fence where it matters

The noise challenge at Vejle Sygehus was solved by installing Noistop Steel along the tracks. The noise fence was installed where the hospital buildings are situated, and on the remaining hospital grounds, a wire fence was set up. The noise fence was 230 meters long and the wire fence measured 200 meters.  This fence combination provides a noise reduction in the areas needed, while providing a safety barrier between the hospital and the railway tracks in areas with no hospital buildings.

Having Noistop Steel close by, with a noise absorption of 7-8 dB and a noise insulation of 22 dB, the noise reduction can be felt, improving the noise pollution in the area and the working environment of the hospital employees. Furthermore, the reduced noise level will make a difference for patients who need to be in a peaceful and quiet environment, when they are hospitalized.

Project details

Location  Vejle, Denmark
Project materialNoistop Steel
ApplicationNoise reduction alongside railway and hospital
Project volume230 meter noise fence
Installation timeAutumn 2016
In coorperation withSER Hegn
Vejle Sygehus