Our Rockdelta stone wool mats are specialised in vibration control and structure protection for rail tracks. With more than 43 years of expertise, we utilise the unique natural properties of the most abundant resource stone to help overcome complex global transportation challenges and contribute to a quieter and more sustainable future.


Since 1974 Rockdelta has supplied
>2M m2
of resilient mats for conventional rail tracks worldwide

>50.000 m2
of high-tech stone wool based resilient mat solutions supplied for high speed track projects

43 years
supplied resilient mats for trams and metros in urban environments

Application areas


Rockdelta RB
Rockdelta RB

Rockdelta RB

Ideal for vibration control ballasted tracks
About Rockdelta RB
Rockdelta RX
Rockdelta RX

Rockdelta RX

Ideal for vibration control for non-ballasted tracks
About Rockdelta RX
Rockdelta RG
Rockdelta RG

Rockdelta RG

Ideal for structure protection, reduced ballast height, track instability and bridge noise control
About Rockdelta RG


Rheda RX Metro Track System
Rheda RX Metro Track System

Rheda RX Metro Track System

effectively distributes and cushions the static and dynamic loads originating from all types of passing metro trains and uniquely mitigates undesirable structure-borne noise in nearby dwellings.
More about Rheda RX
Frost Heave Prevention System
Frost Heave Prevention System

Frost Heave Prevention System

RockBallast stone wool mats giving you thermal insulation and vibration isolation at the same time.
More about Frost Heave Prevention

Ground-Borne Vibration

Our solutions solve the issue of ground-borne vibration
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