Rise to water challenges
Lapinus Stone Wool Solutions to Manage Water

Rise to water challenges

Water is one of the greatest current and future global challenges.

Damage by excess water or drought is a significant problem for municipalities, insurers, brokers and residents. One of the main challenges is to protect people and cities against economic losses and devastating social and environmental impacts. Thus, sustainable Water Management is needed to build resilience, together with the right policies, partners and tools. Rise to the global water challenges, our innovative and sustainable stone-wool based water management products have been developed to shape a better world for today and tomorrow.

Stone wool by Lapinus can absorb up to 95%
of water without a change in the
strength of the material

Water flows through stone wool with a speed of
200 m/day
or higher. This is comparable to fine gravel

The Lapinus stone wool is 100%
recyclable. After its long service life, it can be made into fresh new products

Application examples


Aquifer elements benefits
  • Rainwater as a resource
  • Optimal use of available space
  • Low maintenance
Soil Conditioner benefits
  • High drainage and buffer capacity
  • Improve water absorption and retention
  • Strengthen the soil structure

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