Åkarp - Noistop fence case
Noise improvement for single-family houses

Åkarp - Noistop fence case


Single-family houses challenged by noisy road

In 2017 in Åkarp, a smaller town in the South of Sweden close to Malmø, a project of single-family houses had just been built. However, the residential area was challenged by both a busy main road close by and a motorway only a few hundred meters away.

The houses being close to two busy roads meant that the project faced a high level of noise pollution, which would be disruptive and very noisy for the families moving into the newly built houses.

The project requirements for the noise fence were to shield the project’s 35 garden apartments, as well as enclosing the homes with an absorbing noise fence along the road and towards the highway, while blending into the rural area of Åkarp.

Thereby, the challenges of the project, were that an efficient noise fence was needed while also taking the rural environment into account.

A solution matching the rural environment

Noistop’s solution was using the product Noistop Wood Elba for the project. The natural, wooden design fit very well with the rural environment of the area. Furthermore, Noistop Wood Elba has a sound absorption of up to 11 dB and an insulation of 21 dB. This performance means a substantial noise nuisance in the area is reduced effectively.

In Autumn 2017 the fence installation was finished and the houses were ready for residents to move in. With Noistop Wood Elba now installed, the citizens can enjoy a protected, healthy and modern rural living environment with their families.

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